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Primeval: Volume 1 (Series 1 and 2) (2008)

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Quick Overview

Series 1 followed the efforts of Professor Nick Cutter (Douglas Henshall) and his associates, a friend and colleague Stephen Hart (James Murray), a student Connor Temple (Andrew-Lee Potts) and a zookeeper Abby Maitland (Hannah Spearritt) as they investigate the appearance of anomalies (called "earthquakes in time") that allow the passage to other times and places, allowing often-dangerous creatures from the distant past or future to threaten the lives of citizens. The British government's Home Office, under the supervision of James Lester (Ben Miller) and Claudia Brown (Lucy Brown), becomes involved after a Gorgonopsid travels through one such anomaly and wreaks havoc in the Forest of Dean. Professor Cutter's wife, Helen Cutter (Juliet Aubrey), presumed dead for eight years, was revealed to have been travelling in time through the anomalies. Cutter was unable to convince her to help as she had changed much from the woman he had once known, and he began to fall in love with Claudia. Meanwhile Abby began to take care of a Coelurosauravus she named Rex after he was left behind in the present, and was attracted to Stephen, who didn't completely reciprocate her feelings, despite Connor's attempts to get with her. The final episode of the first series sees the team deal with the consequences of an anomaly to the future opening in the Permian, allowing Predators from the future to access the past, and then follow Helen Cutter to the present. After the team secure the offspring of the Predator, killing an adult in the process, Cutter and Helen lead a group of soldiers into the Permian to secure the future anomaly and the time-line. However, an attack by a second adult Predator left Cutter and Helen as the only survivors. This disaster was predicted by Cutter seconds before it happened, as he realised that the camp he and the now dead Captain Ryan discovered on their first visit was in fact the remains of this expedition. Upon returning Cutter discovered Stephen had once had an affair with Helen before she had disappeared, and then learned that Claudia Brown no longer exists as the time-line had changed very slightly after their trip, and only he and Helen were aware of it.

Main Features:

Actors: Various
Directors: Various
Format: Box set, Color, NTSC
Language: English
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
Number of discs: 4
Studio: BBC Home Entertainment
DVD Release Date: November 4, 2008
Run Time: 592 minutes

Primeval Volume 1 (Series 1 and 2) (2008)-1

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Primeval: Volume 1 (Series 1 and 2) (2008)

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