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One Tree Hill: Season 9 (2011)

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Quick Overview

In the ninth season, the brothers come into families life. Both have found their own new careers. In the farewell season, Nathan, Haley, Brooke and other actor return, at the same time, it will recall of many old roles.It is the so-called reunion.
Outline of the PlotThe ninth season is the last season of One Tree Hill. In this season, new parents must learn how to balance the relationship between family and career. Being a agent, Nathan always is on a business trip. Haley has to face the change brought by the birth of daughter, Jamie's desire for independence. Many roles that audience loves and are familiar with will return, such as Chris Keller. The Lucas' return should be most anticipated as a guest. The plot has come into Family and Love Drama

Main Features

1)Format: DVD

2)Edition: Boxed Set

3)Genre: Television Shows, Drama

4)Number of Discs: 3

5)Actors: James Lafferty, Bethany Joy Galeotti, Sophia Bush

ONE TREE HILL season9-1 ONE TREE HILL season9-2 ONE TREE HILL season9-3 ONE TREE HILL season9-4 ONE TREE HILL season9-5 ONE TREE HILL season9-6 ONE TREE HILL season9-7

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One Tree Hill: Season 9 (2011)

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