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Gunslinger Girl Complete Collection

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Quick Overview

Gunslinger Girl the Japanese comic, is integrated of the dark side of the beautiful girl, arms, body modification, with the secret service conspiracy works.
Main Content of the DVDs:
A social welfare commune is a public welfare under the guise of spy agencies engaged for government implementation of the special task.The killer accept the prosthetic pay and conditions and the result will be the disappearance of memory and the destruction of the body. These agents are specifically disabled or orphans ,then become powerful cold-blooded killers who just listen to order_ "Gunslinger Girl"Main Features:

Actors: Laura Bailey, Monica Rial, Luci Christian, John Burgmeier, Eric Vale

Directors: Justin Cook, Mike McFarland

Format: Widescreen, Color, Box set,

Language: English

Region: Free

Number of discs: 5

Genre: Animation

Gunslinger Girl Complete Collection-1 Gunslinger Girl Complete Collection-2

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Gunslinger Girl Complete Collection

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