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Musically, this is a treasure trove. But, I'm biased as ASM is my favorite living violinist. It's great to have all these CDs in one place, however, and I've always liked the single sleeve "mini-LP" concept. The book is wonderful, too. Many great photos and a lot of good content including interviews with Ms. Mutter. The plastic box, however, is ridiculous. Just very poorly designed from a practical standpoint. I had to send back the first one since it was completely broken to pieces and the second one is far from perfect. When she appeared on David Letterman's TV show, he called it "a hamster habitat." Pretty good description. Someone must have felt it looked modern and sleek and I guess it does if you're lucky to have one shipped to you intact. A minor complaint, however, considering the plethora of great music and recordings contained therein.


Main Features:

Audio CD (October 11, 2011)

Number of Discs: 40

Format: Box set

Asm 35-1 Asm 35-2 Asm 35-3 Asm 35-4 Asm 35-5 Asm 35-6


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Asm 35

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